Thanks to our VISIO© systems, you can visualize and control in real time, on one single display, the parameters you want according to your production field.

- Breweries : OWC, Alcohol, CO2, O2, Color, Turbidity

- Soft-drinks : Brix / Diet, Acidity, CO2, O2, pH, Conductivity, Color

- Water : Brix / Acidity, CO2, O2, Color, pH, Conductivity

- Alco-Pops : Brix, Alcohol, CO2, O2, Color, pH, Conductivity

- Ciders : Density, Alcohol, O2, CO2

- Juices : Brix, O2, Color

- Wines : Density, Alcohol, Color, CO2

- Milk : Density, pH

- Spirits : Alcohol, Brix, Color

CO2 Analyzer
Multi Analyzer
Real Time View
OWC / Alcohol / BRIX Analyzer

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