- GLOBAL Contract for Annual Maintenance with calibration option.

- Calibration and after-sales services for the following brands : AB6, ACM, ANTON PAAR, GEA-DIESSEL, HAFFMANS, Dr. THIEDIG (DIGOX), ORBISPHERE…

Benefits : less immobilization of the material, trainning courses for the operators on site.

- Customized quotation according to the number of products to manage

Our Services :

1. Spare Parts :

- Valves / Pumps / Heat Exchangers

- Regulating Valves

- Pressure / Relief Valves

- Equipment for tanks and containers : Cleaning system, mixing nozzle

- Carbonating elements

- Flow metering systems

- Level controler

- Statics and dynamics Mixers

2. Systems :

- Pilote system for Research and Development applications

- Fixed or Mobile stainless steel Frame

- Manifold

- Preparation / dilution of concentrates, additives, flavors, conservatives …

- Container management for concentrates / flavors / conservatives...

- Automatic switching lanterns for product changes

- Electrical Cabinet / automaton on request

3. Real customized Systems :

- Design and bulding according to customers needs for all products

- Consulting for project definition (tender)

- From simple frame to total aera control

4. Our How Know : integration and development of new solutions

Examples of applications and innovations  :

- Automation of bottles removing from conveyors and building of a multi-analyzes line

- Replacement of traditional pipe cleaning with water by pigging system which allows full product recovery from the pipe.

- Exclusive use of Laser Refractometer for Inline measurement

5. Process optimisation

- Audit to find out solution for beverages process issues

- Integration of new equipements

Options and Other products :

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