Our Know-How
What is SERVITEC ?
The company SERVITEC was created in January 1989 By Jean-Pierre KUNTZ, the current Chief Executive. We are based in the North of Alsace, in WEYERSHEIM, near STRASBOURG.
From the very beginning of our activity, we turned to the food-processing industry, for which we developed measurement analyzers and specific quality control systems.
Our vocation is to be always listening to the customer's needs, to provide a first rate technical service by offering solutions which are specially adapted to his requirements.
Whatever the size of your company, either a famous and worldwide well known company or a small scale firm, our perpetual endeavour is to grant the greatest care to the execution of our projects and the implementation of our systems.
Taking full advantage of our practical experience and thanks to close collaboration with our customers, we have been able to develop many applications and to carry out innovating high technological equipment. Thus, we can propose you now a large range of products for the food-processing industry and reply to all kind of requests in most various application fields, such as brewery, soft-drinks, mineral water, juices, wines, ciders, spirits, milk…
Thanks to our know-how, many customers trusted us. We have managed to extend our activity all over the world and are working with nearly all the most famous companies of the beverage industry.
We are specialized in design, development and manufacturing of process measurement and control systems mainly for the beverage industry.
All over these activity years, we have developed cutting edge products, efficient and competitive, such as systems for the carbonation, for the continuous mixing (blender), for the injection of flavors and/or additives, for deaeration and water treatment.
Our equipments are focused on quality control and integrate PC visualization systems which ensure the traceability of your ended product.
Our Research & Development department and our Industrial Research Office are devoted to work hand-in-hand with our customers, in order to outline often in a close collaboration, the product or application, which is the most adapted to the specific needs and technical requirements of each project.
We are also integrators and retailers of quality control measurement devices for some famous brand names, such as ANTON PAAR, GEA-DIESSEL.
Our main asset is to be able to realize customized installations, which suit to the customer's project, whatever it is. The efficiency, technical skills and human behiviour of our team are doe to their ability to listen, to be available and reactive. Thus, we are able to grant you the best services.

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